Episode 10: Ex footballer and boxer Leon McKenzie tells us how he went from being a premier league footballer to attempting suicide and fighting back

Episode 10: In todays episode the boys are joined by ex-footballer Leon McKenzie. Leon talks openly about his struggle with depression and hitting rock bottom. From becoming a professional footballer, to his suicide attempt, nothing is off limits. Starting his career as a professional footballer at the

Episode 9: Man on a mission Dean Schneider gave up a multi-million pound business to follow his dream; to move to South Africa and help animals in need

Episode 9: In this episode Saad is joined by entrepreneur and animal lover Dean Schneider. Dean, a school drop-out, left his multi-million pound business in Switzerland to live with rescued animals in South Africa and hasn’t looked back since. Dean openly talks about not being interested in

Episode 8: Co-founder of The Good Quote, Meggan Roxanne opens up about her battle with depression, how she made a small fortune from nothing and being motivated her to start the worlds most influential quote Instagram page

Episode 8: This week we are joined my Meggan Roxanne; co-founder of The Good Quote, an inspirational instagram page which 'creates awareness around mental health, self development and self-care'. In this episode we listen to Meggan talk about her own struggle with depression, how looking after her Mum who had been diagnosed with

Episode 7: Josh Denzel – The value of good education, believing in yourself, how Love Island accelerated his growth & being in a relationship with someone as ambitious as you are

Episode 7: In this episode we are joined by realty tv star and media presenter Josh Denzel. Josh talks about how he has always maintained a positive outlook on life and managed to complete his degree whilst building himself as a personality in media.  We discuss how just

Episode 6: Ex Rugby player Ed Jackson tells his powerful story on how a life changing injury almost prevented him from ever walking again and how the love for his family was his biggest motivation that lead to recovery

Episode 6: Ed Jackson was a professional rugby player for 10 years, rugby and being a competitive athlete was all Ed knew. However,  in April 2017 he had an accident that would change his life forever. Ed suffered a spinal injury after diving into the shallow end of a

Episode 5: Instagram influencer Steph Elswood discusses overcoming her eating disorder, the importance of self love and how she built a successful personal brand using social media

Episode 5: In episode 5 Saad and Leon sit down with their first female guest, Steph Elswood (also known as Healthy Chef Steph) and cover a range of topics including mental health, her battle with an eating disorder, schools doing enough to educate children on mental health

Episode 4: Mim Shaikh talks about his viral documentary ‘Finding Dad’ and working with the BBC. We also delved deeper; discussing how to find purpose in life and the importance of evolving and turning dreams into reality

Episode 4: In episode 4, Saad & Leon are joined by Radio Broadcaster and Actor Mim Shaikh, who is currently a household name thanks to his documentary 'Finding Dad'. Mim talks about his life experiences; from being brought up by his nan, pursuing his love of media through university and how

Episode 3: One of UK’s top comedians Humza Productions opens up how he became a You Tube sensation and how he has addressed serious matters like, mental health, bullying and religious pressures through his videos

Episode 3: In this episode Saad and Leon are joined by YouTube comedian Humza Productions who opens up for the first time about his personal life as well as making it as a YouTuber.  Since starting his YouTube channel in 2009, Humza has gone on to have

Episode 2: Winner of Love Island Kem Cetinay Opens Up About his difficulties with Anxiety and Depression and how he used these as fuel to drive him forward in his pursuit of health, happiness and success

Episode 2: In this episode Saad and Leon are joined by Love Island star Kem Cetinay who opens up about his struggles with Mental Health and the opportunities winning Love Island has given him. Since staring on the hit TV show Kem has gone on to have his own show, number 1 single and

Episode 1: How Bradley Simmonds Used Instagram to Become One of the Most Successful Fitness Icons Today Plus His Approach to Business, Fitness and Fat loss

Episode 1: In this episode Saad and Leon are joined by Instagram fitness personality Bradley Simmonds. Since starting his Instagram page Bradley's account has grown to 250 thousand followers, allowing him to become an Adidas athlete, f45 ambassador and author. A wide range of topics were discussed