Episode 10:

In todays episode the boys are joined by ex-footballer Leon McKenzie. Leon talks openly about his struggle with depression and hitting rock bottom. From becoming a professional footballer, to his suicide attempt, nothing is off limits.

Starting his career as a professional footballer at the age of 17, Leon went on to play for several teams over 18 years. During this time Leon was dealing with divorce, death in the family and his own personal demons, as well as a string of injuries on the field. During his time at Charlton Leon suffered a severe hamstring injury, which immediately took a toll on his mental health. The walk from the training field to injury room secured Leons plans to end his life.

Thankfully Leon survived his attempted suicide, and has since gained support for his mental health. After continuing to play football for a further 3 years, Leon then went on to become a boxer where he won 8 of 11 fights. Now retired, Leon is a mental health campaigner and uses his experiences to give talks in workplaces and schools. Although his mental health issues have not gone, Leons dark days have now changed into dark hours, and he has a much healthier understanding of how to manage them.

The boys also spoke about relationships, family, coping with mental health and changing careers.

If you have been affected by anything mentioned in this podcast, please seek help. Below are the links of organisations who can help you, as well as your local NHS.
Samaritans: https://www.samaritans.org     116 123
Mind: https://www.mind.org.uk     0300 123 3339
Mind Reposition: https://www.mindreposition.com