Episode 6:

Ed Jackson was a professional rugby player for 10 years, rugby and being a competitive athlete was all Ed knew.

However,  in April 2017 he had an accident that would change his life forever. Ed suffered a spinal injury after diving into the shallow end of a swimming pool, following this freak accident Ed was told he may never walk again.
We uncover his story in detail including the challenges of spending nine months in a wheel chair,  the benefit of living in the here and now, how doctors in the NHS could be setting people up for failure with an over cautious prognosis and how using his positive mindset Ed overcame numerous obstacles to now be walking again.
Today ED is not satisfied with just walking, he is committed to helping people all over the world and is now climbing mountains to amplify his message that we should never give up on ourselves.
The story of Ed Jackson is one the most powerful yet to be told on Mindset Matters Most.
Key topics include; Coping with a life-changing injury, power of mindset,  are the NHS setting patients up for failure by being to cautious , sporting lifestyle & passion, Ed’s biggest motivation and staying positive.