Episode 9:

In this episode Saad is joined by entrepreneur and animal lover Dean Schneider. Dean, a school drop-out, left his multi-million pound business in Switzerland to live with rescued animals in South Africa and hasn’t looked back since.

Dean openly talks about not being interested in structured schooling, which lead him to drop out of 2 apprenticeships and get into the workforce. With his passion and drive he was able to gain a vast amount of knowledge in a short time, allowing him to start his own company at the age of 22. After 3 years the company was soaring and the workforce had grown to 45.

As an animal lover from a young age Dean always had a place in his heart for wild animals, and a company retreat reignited this for him. Realising that caring for animals was what he wanted to do with his life, he packed up his life in Switzerland and set up a sanctuary in South Africa.

Now Dean is running one of the biggest accounts on Instagram, with engagement at over 80%. Using his close bond with wild animals such as lions and monkeys, he is reigniting peoples love of animals and educating them along the way.

The boys also discussed living your dream, going against other peoples views, being successful and business.